Hot Sales Cheap Portable Cooking Welding Butane Gas Torch Lighter

Hot Sales Cheap Portable Cooking Welding Butane Gas Torch Lighter

flame gun/blow gas torch for portable welding

Product Details

We are a high-tech comprehensive enterprise dedicated to the development, production, customization and sales of Removable Pan Supporters Double Burner Stove, Flame Safety Device Balck Coating Stove, Travelling Portable BBQ Double Burner Kit. Our products are sold throughout the country and exported to many regions abroad. With a high-quality management team and advanced production machinery, we can manufacture the products according to the needs of customers and and provide relevant support. Our products are the best.

Advantages of this model:

The products are widely used in various industrial processes, water piping, fire air conditioning and waterproofing, cable joint production, welding operations, mould heating, metal jewelery, agriculture, glass and food processing, heating thawed, cattle hair removal, sheet metal processing.

Arts and crafts, interior decoration, chemical experiment, gardening, coal fire etc, is an indispensable tool for hiking camping barbecue.

Direction of Use:

1. Turn the knob slowly in the "+" direction to start gas flowing then press the "PUSH" button in the center of the control knob until it clicks.
2. Adjust the flame between "-"and"+" (low and high heat) position as required.
3. Be aware of flaring flame which may occur during the two minutes warm-up period and during which the appliance should not be angled more than 15 degrees from the vertical position.

Technical data (at 20±5):

Model: GT-100

Product size: 148 x 39 x 58 mm

Gas consumption: 80g/h

Norminal heat input: 1.65 kw

Heat output: 1,420 kcal / 5,640 BTU

Maximum temperature: 1,500°C (2,732°F)


Contact info:

Name: Elodie Cheng

Mob (WhatsApp & WeChat) : +86 13665866129

QQ: 3002914494


While satisfying the market, we need also to be good at using new technologies and new series of Hot Sales Cheap Portable Cooking Welding Butane Gas Torch Lighter to create markets and be good at exploring the potential needs of customers. Faster delivery time and the product you want is our criterion. In recent years, our company has continued to actively research and develop, expand the scope of production, and expand various sales channels abroad.
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