2 Burner Black Built in Gas Hob Besse Stove[Jzq-G214]

2 Burner Black Built in Gas Hob Besse Stove[Jzq-G214]

​Single burner, powder coated portable cassette type of cooking stove with an enameled combination drip pan and trivet assembly.

Product Details

We strive to strengthen the technological innovation in the manufacturing process and continuously improve the level of High Power Slim Butane Stove, Double Burner BBQ Portable Gas Stove, Multi Function Butane Large Cooker manufacturing. We consistently regard quality and service as the company's goal. With a rigorous work style, we will achieve high-quality quality and perfect service without compromise, so that customers feel that choosing us is to choose peace of mind. In the face of fierce market competition, we always adhere to the original intention, have the courage to open up and constantly innovate.

Single burner, powder coated portable cassette type of cooking stove with an enameled combination drip pan and trivet assembly.

French market flame safety device single burner stove which provides customer double secure device in one stove. Overpressure shut off device will operate automatically by cut the camping gas cooker stove off from the fire source when the pressure is too high. Flame safety device will extinguish the fire when soup or food was overflow from the dish.


-Higher pan supporters: anti slip of cookware.


-Flame safety device: extinguish fire automatically if soup or food overflow from cookware


-Overpressure shut off device: cut off gas source if pressure went too high


-Anti-slip rubber stand

-Approved by CE(especially for French market)

-Aluminum steel burner

-Wind proof burner ring.

-With a handy case


Single stove size:


Packing size:



1 piece /plastic case or color box

6 pieces/ carton box




Butane gas

Gas cartridge:

Certified gas canister only !

Production process:

1, Check readiness situation of all spare parts of single burner and inspect by QC. 
In order to ensure the quality of production, the inspection of the system is organized and the inspection work is effectively controlled.

2,  Apply on production line inspection

-Gas leakage test

-Flame purity test 

3,  Production process management
We manage the production process meticulous to control the quality of the whole production process.

4, Product packaging process control
Pack automatically by machine, workers ensure each plastic case is under good quality and to protect the manufacturing quality of products, easy to load, unload, transport and storage.

We focus on innovation, put technology first, and continuously improve the technical level of each process to provide customers with the highest quality 2 Burner Black Built in Gas Hob Besse Stove[Jzq-G214]. Our company was born for many years, has experienced the test of the market wind and rain, has a lot of excellent quality. We are committed to building the company into a technology intensive enterprise with outstanding advantages and leading industry.
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