The Function Of High Power Furnace

- Aug 16, 2018-

  The high-power furnace is an electric cooking appliance made by the principle of electromagnetic induction heating. It consists of high-frequency induction heating coil (ie excitation coil), high-frequency power conversion equipment, controller and ferromagnetic data pot bottom cooker. In operation, an alternating current is introduced into the heating coil, and an alternating magnetic field occurs around the coil. The magnetic field lines of the alternating magnetic field mostly pass through the metal pot body, and many eddy currents occur in the bottom of the pot, and then the heat required for cooking occurs. There is no open flame during the heating process, so it is safe and clean.

  Principle of electrical principle Induction cooker is the principle of magnetic field induced eddy current heating. The current is generated by the current through the coil. When the magnetic field in the magnetic field passes through the bottom of the metal vessel, many small eddy currents will occur, so that the vessel itself will heat up at high speed and then heat it in the vessel. food. What they have in common is that the ceramic surface of the furnace surface does not heat up, and the pot itself heats up and cooks the food in the pot. Its maximum temperature can be as high as 240 degrees.

  Although the high-power furnace has all kinds of lunches, there are also locals that are not worthy. In the Chinese food, it is the same as the microwave oven, and it has the harm that cannot be defeated. Since the cooker of the induction cooker is heated by the use of ferromagnetic molecules and magnetic induction vibration, the cookware requirement is a flat bottom, and it is necessary to contact the furnace surface in a large area. This brings inconvenience to the cooking when cooking. It is necessary to use the pan. The stir fry is not as satisfying as the traditional frying spoon. The skill like the spoon is to be unpredictable, and the cooking effect of the fire pot is used when the Chinese food is stir-fried. It is also impossible, these will have some effect on the taste of cooking. In addition, most of the induction cookers have not completed the stepless dispatching in the firepower dispatching, which is generally divided into five gears from 60 °C insulation to 140 °C, 160 °C, 180 °C, 240 °C, so that in practice I don't feel accurate.

  High-power furnaces are popular among consumers because of their safety, cleanliness, energy saving, fire-free cooking, and convenience of use. However, many brands of induction cookers make customers pick up. Induction cooker is a high-power electric appliance, which is closely related to everyone's day. When purchasing, we should consider the professional quality, safety, price and after-sales service, and we must go to the regular shopping mall to buy.