Classification of butane gas stoves

- Sep 10, 2018-

  Butane gas stove is one of the necessary electrical appliances in the kitchen. It is a necessary utensil for cooking and cooking. Its shape is simple, but the internal structure is relatively cumbersome. Mastering the composition of butane gas stove can make the butane gas stove in the home more worry-free. Safer and more energy efficient.

1. Classification of butane gas stoves

  According to different fuels, butane gas stoves can be divided into: artificial gas stoves, natural gas stoves, liquefied gas stoves and methanol stoves. Because the calorific value and combustion characteristics of different types of gas are different, the structural size of the butane gas stove nozzle and the burner head are also different, and the butane gas stove and the gas should be matched to be used. Artificial gas cookers, natural gas cookers or liquefied gas cookers cannot be used interchangeably. If they are used instead of each other, the burning condition is not good enough to meet the requirements for use; in the case of danger, accidents or even no use at all.

2. The difference between liquefied gas stove, natural gas stove and artificial gas stove

  The composition, calorific value and gas supply pressure of liquefied gas, natural gas and artificial gas are different, so the nozzle and the outlet hole diameter of the cooker are different, which is different between them. The diameter of the nozzle of the liquefied gas stove is about 0.8 mm, the aperture of the nozzle of the natural gas stove is about 1.2 mm, and the diameter of the nozzle of the artificial gas stove is about 2.0 mm, so if the modification is required, the nozzle must be replaced.

3, the difference between infrared butane gas stove and ordinary butane gas stove

  The infrared butane gas stove uses an infrared radiation burner. The burner is a low pressure ejector fully premixed burner. One advantage of the contrast between the infrared butane gas stove and the ordinary butane gas stove is energy saving. Due to the characteristics of infrared heat radiation, the infrared butane gas stove has high thermal efficiency, and the thermal efficiency of the ordinary butane gas stove is 52%. The thermal efficiency of the butane gas stove can reach more than 68%, and its energy saving effect can reach more than 30%.

4, the difference between butane gas stove and methanol stove

  The butane gas stove is directly burned by gas (liquefied gas, natural gas, artificial gas), and the methanol stove is burned by heating the industrial alcohol to vaporize it. The operation of the methanol stove is much more troublesome than the butane gas stove. Currently, the methanol stove produced on the market basically has one burner controlled by two valve bodies (one for ignition and one for controlling the firepower). It is prone to flame instability and yellowish flame. One feature is the energy saving of butane gas stoves.