Portable Gas Stove Type

- Aug 29, 2018-

  We will definitely use gas stoves at home now, but the gas stoves we put in our homes are generally very large, and it is not convenient to move. Sometimes we want to move or go out camping, and it is very difficult to move the gas stove. convenient. At this time, the portable gas stove is very convenient. With it, we can move at any time, and it doesn't take much effort at all.

Downwind type

  This portable gas stove is mainly made according to foreign cookers, but because we like to stir-fry, it is said that the thermal load and burner of this portable gas stove are increased on a domestic basis. If it is such a portable gas stove, the cabinet is to be opened, so that the secondary air required for the combustion of the portable gas stove can be good, and this point can also be used to leak gas, but in domestic use, this portable Gas stoves, rarely open the cabinet, so the burning of the portable gas stove is not enough, so if you choose this, remember to open the cabinet.

Upwind type

  The gas stove can be said to be an improvement of the first gas stove. The burner of the portable gas stove is higher than the table top, so that the air can enter from the gap between the burner and the liquid tray. The design of this portable gas stove is very reasonable, from which cold air can enter the portable gas stove, so it can complement the secondary air.

Rear air type

 In this portable gas stove, there is a relatively low temperature zone in its panel. Inside this zone, an air inlet is installed. When the portable gas stove is burned, the air in the casing will be reduced, which will form a Negative pressure, this time the shell will inhale cold air, from the air inlet of the air inlet, this can provide ample air, the secondary air required for combustion can also be provided, so there will be no yellow flame The problem is that the concentration of carbon monoxide can also be greatly reduced.