Portable Gas Stove Purchase Considerations

- Aug 30, 2018-

  The portable gas stove is one of the gas stoves, which has a simple structure and a single function. Buy it home, and some people will worry about being unsafe. The emergence of portable gas stoves has brought great convenience to people's daily life, not only solves the problem of boiling water, but also solves the problem of cooking and cooking. It has become one of the necessary appliances in the home kitchen and is increasingly affecting people's lives. Using it, people are most worried about security issues. Because some products on the market are of poor quality, they attempt to fool consumers into buying through the way of fish. Therefore, when buying, you should open your eyes and carefully identify the quality so that you can buy the right product.

  In addition, a gas stove with a high safety factor has a flameout protection device. At first, not all gas stoves contained this device, but with the development of gas stove technology, its use rate is getting higher and higher. The flameout protection device ensures the safety of the entire process. In the event of an unexpected flameout, the air supply is automatically shut off to prevent gas leakage. Usually, the wind blows out and the soup is poured out, which is an accidental flameout. The flameout protection device will start.

  1 Ceramic panel: high temperature resistance, easy care, high price

  2 stainless steel panel: high temperature resistance, afraid of scratching, not easy to leave, easy to leave stains on the panel

  3 glass panel: beautiful and easy to care, there is the possibility of self-destruction

  4 Heat flow: The heat flow represents the heat generated during combustion. It is necessary to select the heat flow at the same time. It depends on the size of the fire cover, the way the combustion gas enters the air, and the size of the outlet nozzle (eg bonfire). The heat flow is definitely large, but at the same time, boiling a pot of boiling water is not necessarily faster than the stove, which is determined by the heat utilization rate.)

  5 The way of burning gas into the wind: Because it is now embedded stove, the upper inlet can ensure the switch cabinet door without affecting the firepower. It can ensure the supply of oxygen is sufficient, and the flame can always maintain the blue flame.

  6 Pot rack: The pot rack is now divided into cast iron and enamel. The cast iron is not slippery but not easy to handle. The enamel pan is easy to clean.

  7 Fire type: divided into two types: direct fire and round fire. Direct fire belongs to the traditional fire cover. It has the advantages of gas saving. The flame is too long. It is easy to waste heat when the pot is hot. The fire is the advantage of hot sales in recent years. More suitable for Chinese people to use