Mini Gas Stove Buying Tips

- Aug 07, 2018-

  The mini gas stove is good, the key is the burner. The burner has the name "heart of the cooker". As the core component of the cooker, the cost of the burner accounts for one-third of the total cost. The difference in the way the cooker enters the air is related to the safety, power and energy-saving performance of the cooker.

First, the gas source type

  First of all, we must be clear about the gas source used in our home. This is the first priority. Why? Because the natural gas, artificial gas or LPG gas stoves are different, the principle is different. Don't work hard to buy it home. Consumers should pay attention to the markings on the box and choose according to the type of gas used in the home. Most rural households use liquefied gas, and the city is mainly natural gas. Be sure to ask when you buy.

Second, security factors

  There are many brands and models of household mini gas stoves on the market. How to buy a mini gas stove with high safety factor and durability is the most concerned issue for the public. Inferior mini gas stoves often have flashing or malfunctioning firearms, fire, yellow flames (black smoke or red fire), tempering, poor fire, uneven flame, small fire, etc. Also buried a security risk. However, most of us don't know much about the mini gas stove, so we can only recognize the brand, because the brand represents the strength, the better the brand, the more reliable the safety of his product.

Third, the price factor

  This is also a factor we must refer to when purchasing. After all, economic strength determines purchasing power. So how can I buy the same mini gas stove and spend less money? My personal opinion is: online shopping, the current cost of online shopping for the same item is generally 10%-30% lower than the purchase in the physical store, of which The mystery must be known to many people.