Manual Ignition Gun Safety Performance

- Aug 27, 2018-

  Manual Ignition Guns are tools for the fusion welding of equipment, surface treatment lakes and local heating. Generally, ordinary liquefied gas is used, which is convenient and economical, and greatly improves work efficiency. The manual ignition torch is safe, compact and easy to operate. It is ideal for factories, restaurants and other places where fire-breathing devices are used for a long time.

  The manual ignition gun body is generally die-casted from high-strength zinc alloy and copper material. The stainless steel punched copper nozzle is beautiful and durable, and the flame temperature is 1200-1300 degrees Celsius. Continuous operation time up to eight hours, automatic ignition device, simple and safe operation, adjustable flame size, repeatable installation of butane gas cylinder, waterproof and windproof for field activities and camping. Its characteristic is that the burning flame is long and fierce, and it is convenient and safe to use. With the manual ignition torch, you can directly use the barbecue tool to process the ingredients. The combustion products are water and carbon dioxide, which is clean and environmentally friendly.

 The manual ignition torch uses an automatic pulse ignition system, which makes the product more convenient to use and improves the safety performance of the product. The manual ignition gun is safe, compact, easy to operate and easy to carry. It is your ideal choice. Widely used in various industrial processing, hydropower piping, fire air conditioning and waterproof engineering, telecommunications power cable joint production, welding operations, mold heating, metal jewelry, agriculture, furniture, glass and food processing, heating and thawing, livestock and poultry hair removal , sheet metal processing, art craft, interior decoration, physical and chemical experiments, gardening, livestock sterilization, insecticide, etc.... is also an essential tool for hiking camping barbecue.