Manual Ignition Gun Feature

- Aug 25, 2018-

  The manual ignition torch is an emerging outdoor product that belongs to the field of cookware. Foreign countries are called "TORCH". It is an ignition heating tool derived from the existing butane gas tank. Field cookware generally refers to the burner and fuel (butane gas tank) for cooking in the wild, which is very convenient to carry. The manual ignition torch replaces the function of the burner, freeing the flame from a fixed position, making it easy to ignite bonfires and grilled food.

  A no-line hand-held tool that controls the combustion of a gas to form a cylindrical flame for heat welding, also known as a hand-held manual ignition torch (gas is generally used butane). The handheld manual ignition torch is divided into two main structures: the gas storage chamber and the pressure regulation chamber. The medium and high-grade products also have an ignition structure.

  Gas storage chamber: also known as gas box, with gas inside, the composition is generally butane, which transports gas for the pressure regulating chamber structure of the tool.

  Surge Chamber: This structure is the main structure of the handheld manual ignition torch. The gas is sprayed out of the muzzle by receiving gas from the gas storage chamber and then filtering and regulating the flow.

  The gas is pressure-regulated and sprayed out of the muzzle and ignited to form a high-temperature cylindrical flame for heating and welding. Compared with tools such as welding torches that require pipelines to transport gas, portable manual ignition guns have the advantages of integrated air box and wireless portability, but are limited to portable manual ignition guns relying on oxygen combustion in the air and gas pressure factors. The hand-operated manual ignition torch usually does not exceed 1400 degrees.