Infrared Burning Furnace Maintenance Method

- Aug 23, 2018-

  For infrared burners, it is required to clean the basket filter between the tank and the oil pump. Regular cleaning of the filter keeps the fuel flowing smoothly to the pump and reduces the potential for component failure. Also check the filter for signs of excessive wear or damage. Check the fuel pressure regulator or pressure relief valve to determine if the surface of the lock nut on the adjustable bolt is clean and detachable. If the surface of the screw and nut is found to be dirty or rusted, the regulator valve should be repaired or replaced. Lack of maintenance fuel regulators can cause work in the infrared furnace.

  The infrared burning furnace has the advantages of high combustion efficiency and easy realization of walking control, and thus is widely used in industrial and civil thermal energy equipment. In order to ensure the safety of the infrared burning furnace and normal use, the infrared burning furnace should be regularly maintained and maintained, and repaired in case of failure. Check the oil pump to determine if the seal is intact, if the internal pressure is stable, and replace the damaged or leaking seal. If you are using hot oil, you need to make sure that all the pipes are well-maintained; if there are longer pipes in the line, check the installation route. Replace damaged and poorly insulated tubing. For natural gas-fired infrared burners, check the main air supply regulator to ensure that the line is intact. Do not adjust the gas company's regulating valve. The gas company will assist in cleaning, maintaining and adjusting the main air supply regulating valve. If there is a sensing line, check for damage.

  Infrared burner equipment repair and maintenance, if the "y" type filter is installed before the control valve, pay attention to cleaning. Check the control regulator on the gas infrared burner to see if the adjustment bolt is easy to adjust. Make sure all outlets and screens are not blocked. Check the gas hose set to see if the manual switch adjustment is sensitive and the valve handle is installed. Check that the barometer is working properly. Accurate pressure display is critical when adjusting a gas infrared burner. The connection of the gas valve needs to be cleaned and lubricated. If the joint is bonded or rough, replace the appropriate fitting. If the infrared burner is equipped with a detachable pipe, care should be taken to clean it.

  Oil and gas infrared burners are used in a wide variety of applications, and infrared burners are required in industrial applications where fuel combustion is required to heat materials or reactions. Infrared burning furnace, also known as integrated infrared burning furnace, is mainly fuel and gas. Generally used in small and medium-sized fuel boilers, fuel hot air blowers, baking (baked) boxes and small fuel heating furnaces, the function of infrared burning furnace can be realized after increasing the configuration, but the infrared burning furnace can not meet the fuel combustion heating or reaction in many industrial occasions. Requirements. The difference between the two is found in the entry "burning mouth".