Infrared Burner Characteristics

- Aug 24, 2018-

  Infrared combustion furnace adopts honeycomb porous ceramic plate as the core component of heating. The combustion method is completely premixed and flameless combustion. The burning surface is flat plate type, with uniform combustion, large amount of infrared emission, high efficiency and low consumption, environmental protection and durability, economical and practical, and simple installation. Etc. The burner emits heat by infrared radiation through the combustion of gas. Since the infrared burner is completely premixed with air during combustion, it ensures complete combustion, thereby reducing pollutant emissions. The radiation infrared rays emitted during combustion have strong penetrating power, and can stimulate the water molecules to resonate, and uniformly infiltrate the heat into the core of the object to be heated, which can greatly save energy consumption by 30%-50%, and guarantee Uniform heating effect, improve heating quality, widely used in industrial coating equipment, food, tea drying industry.

  The infrared burning furnace adopts programmatic integrated IC control; two relays ensure the automatic control, safety protection, weak control and conversion circuit of the circuit; high-quality insulating potting and sealing plastic package further ensures safety performance. The output high voltage is 16KV. In normal use, the flameout can be automatically re-ignited. When the timeout is 20 seconds, the gas solenoid valve is automatically turned off and a fault signal is sounded.

  1. Infrared burning furnace body casting forging, metal mesh using high temperature resistant iron chrome aluminum;

  2. Infrared burners use scientific honeycomb ceramic sheets to ensure complete combustion, thereby reducing pollutant emissions;

  3. Infrared burner adjustable damper structure and gas regulating valve ensure complete premixing with air during combustion, direct heating can reach 30-600 °C.

  4. Infrared burning furnace emits heat by infrared radiation through the combustion of gas (gas, petroleum gas). It has high heat, fast, energy saving and no pollution. It is most suitable for indoor and outdoor barbecue, vertical, wall-mounted heater, industrial Small and medium ovens, etc. The advantages of infrared burning furnace over traditional burners are: uniform heating effect and energy saving of more than 50%; infrared burning furnace is economical and practical, advanced in performance, beautiful in appearance, environmentally friendly and durable, and easy to install.