Gas Stove Compared With Rural Soil Stove

- Aug 31, 2018-

  Gas stoves and earthen stoves are still used in rural areas. Although the gas is cleaner and easier to use, the benefits of earthen stoves are still there. Many farmers have two kinds of stoves, which can be used in rotation, then both of them What are the advantages and disadvantages?

  The advantages of the gas stove: 1, simple and convenient, can be used without the need to fire directly fire, saving fire time. 2, and still very clean, will not produce a large number of smoked black walls, I believe that everyone has used the stove, know that the stove will smoke the bottom of the pot and the wall. 3, the use of clean energy, will not pollute the environment, and the earth stove is burning wood fire can pollute the environment.

  Advantages of earthen stoves: 1. Save money. Earthen stoves are generally firewood. Usually, farmers will produce a lot of firewood that can be burned, as well as products after planting crops. These can be used for cooking and cooking. It is not costly, so it is very economical to use earthen stoves. This is basically the most valued by farmers.

  2, followed by the burning of the food is better to eat some, now it is very re-use of the earthen stove or the simulated earthen stove to cook meals, I think this is better to eat.

  Disadvantages of gas stoves: It is mainly costly. A family usually needs to use one bottle a month. It costs 100 yuan directly, so it takes 1200 yuan a year. Many farmers still refuse to use gas. Try to use the soil stove as much as possible. If you are in a hurry, use a gas stove. Secondly, the risk is great for the elderly, because the gas is toxic, and the farmers forget to turn off the gas, so it is easy to cause danger.

  Disadvantages of the earthen stove: 1. It is not easy to make a fire. In many cases, it takes a few minutes for the fire to occur. The people in the city have not learned it, but it is also a skill.

  2. Great pollution to the environment. Now the country is advocating clean energy, and the earthen stove is burning firewood, which will produce a lot of harmful gases.

  3, the soil stove is prone to fire, if you want to use the soil stove, there will be a lot of firewood piled up nearby, easy for children to carelessly, it will directly ignite the firewood, this safety hazard is still relatively large.