What is camp stove fuel

- Jun 28, 2019-

There are major two kinds of fuel that are general use in the camp stove, LPG and butane.  

Though both are colorless, flammable gases, propane is chiefly found in petroleum and natural gas. but butane has higher melting and boiling points.

For JINYU camp stove, we normally use butane gas for all different kinds of stove, only BDZ-155(ZA-1)/BDZ-155(ZA-3) able to adpot both butane and LPG through adpator. 

All gas butane canister that use in the stove shoule be approved by related association for purity of gas. Insufficient pruity of gas butane may leads to block of burner pipe, jumping fire and yellow fire etc,  end up with shorten the service life of the stove. 

单个气罐 750-2

We recommand JINYU gas canister with 220g standard gas, all gas product producing in Korea and KGS approval to ensure its purity and weight and only bring pure blue fire in the stove. 

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