To avoid danger of using portable butane stove

- Jun 24, 2019-

Read the instruction carefully before use the appliance, 90% accident happended due to misuse of the appliance.

Following behaviors will leads to overheating of the gas canister and cause of explosion!

-Do not keep or use on the induction cooker!

-Do not leave empty grill pan on the stove for longtime burning. !

-Do not use oversized cookware( not more than 24cm)!

-Do not combine more than 1 stove for cooking !

-Any grill mesh and cooking equipments contains asbestos, ceramic and stones (strong radiation are strictly forbidden. Do not use grill pan and mesh with tinfoil. !

Sweet potatoes is not allow to cook with stones on the stove. !

Do not use it for other purposes rather than cooking!

Do not use it for any other purpose than original purpose(Diagram 7)!

Do not use it nearby open fire( keep at least 2 meters away from fire)!

Do not use it in high temperature places !

Do not place any flammable and combustible items next to the stove. it may causes fire accident! 

Do not use it without pan supporters!


 instruction of butane stove

Act to avoid accident:

Danger: In order to prevent fire accident, please turn off the stove immediately if gas is leaking out


Gas leaking occurs a unique small like rotten egg. it will sink in the air, do not turns on any electric equipment or light the fire( it may leads to exploration).

 Take following actions ASAP:

1Extinguish the fire (turn the knob to the "OFFposition)

2.Remove the gas canister windows to exhaust leaked butane gas (do not use ventilator)