The gas stove can't catch fire

- Sep 28, 2018-

  Gas stove can't catch fire How to make gas stove is one of the kitchen utensils necessary for cooking now. In the process of cooking, people often encounter the phenomenon that the gas stove can't catch fire, the gas stove automatically turns off, etc. Mastering the working principle of the gas stove can make us Better troubleshooting for troubleshooting. When the knob is pressed and the small fire ignites, the thermocouple is heated by its flame to generate a thermoelectric potential. The thermoelectric potential is introduced into the electromagnetic coil through the wire, the magnetic field is generated to make the electromagnetic valve suck, the gas valve is opened, the combustion passage is opened, and the normal combustion is maintained. Once the wind or the soup overflows, the flame is extinguished, and the thermoelectric potential of the thermocouple is quickly lowered to Zero, the coil loses power, the solenoid valve fails, and it is quickly reset under the action of the spring. The valve closes the gas passage and terminates the air supply to ensure safety.

  First, if there is any gas, if you encounter a gas stove, you can't catch fire. First, you should check if there is still gas. If you don't have it, you have to add gas.

  Second, if the battery has no electricity, if it is found that there is no fire, it is necessary to check whether the battery has electricity. If not, just replace the ordinary one battery.

  Third, the circuit is in poor contact, mainly to check whether the positive and negative poles of the battery box are rusted, and the line has poor contact. If there is, the rust should be removed and the line should be connected accurately.

  Fourth, over-voltage protection, many gas stoves have over-voltage protection function, once over-pressure is not activated, then you should change a pressure-reducing valve to try.

  Fifth, the pipeline is blocked. Once the pipeline is blocked, the gas outlet valve should be inspected. Generally speaking, the gas smell can be smelled and the gas stove can't catch fire. It is likely that the gas is blocked. At this time, the pipeline needs to be unblocked.

  Sixth, the micro switch is damaged. The micro switch has a small place in the gas stove, but it is difficult to repair than the usual fault. Generally speaking, it is not recommended for the owner to repair it. This is a fine Professional, it is best to ask a special person to solve.

  Seventh, the ignition needle is dirty, the kitchen is very dirty, especially the oil is easily stained, the gas stove is placed for too long, the ignition needle is easily stained by oil, then it is necessary to clean the grease of the ignition needle, and then try to ignite .

  Eighth, the ignition needle is not in the right position. If you want to point the fire, the gas stove has certain requirements on the distance between the ignition needle and the fire cover. If the deviation distance is too much, the gas stove will not catch fire. Generally, the ignition needle The distance from the fire cover is 4-6mm and it is aligned with the fire hole.

  Ninth, the gas stove has a high-voltage line and its joints. Once the high-voltage line is aging, it is easy to make the gas stove unable to catch fire. At this time, it is only necessary to add a set of high-pressure protection. This should pay more attention to observation in normal life.