Portable gas stove operation method

- Sep 14, 2018-

  The portable portable gas range is a kind of stove, which mainly supplements the shortage of air during combustion by supplying natural air to the gap between the stove body and the upper cover, thereby promoting combustion and reducing carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. The size of the firepower is an intuitive indicator for the average consumer to choose a portable gas range. The larger the heat flow value of the portable gas cooker design, the stronger the heating capacity, but the fire power is not necessarily good. In fact, the size of the heat flow should be compatible with the cooking method and the cooker. If blindly pursuing a large heat flow, the heat efficiency of the cooker will be greatly reduced and the waste smoke emission will be increased. So when cooking, the fire is not as big as possible. Portable gas stoves rely on flame convection heat transfer to the bottom of the pot, but the contact time between the flame and the bottom of the pot is very short. If the fire is too large, a large amount of heat is not used, so nearly half of the gas may be wasted. .

  The size of the fire should be determined according to the size of the pot. The area of the flame distribution is the best with the bottom of the pot, and the heat transfer is most effective. When roasting or stewing, you can first boil it with a large fire, then slowly cook it with a small fire, as long as the pot is kept open and does not overflow. Therefore, when using a portable gas stove, not only should you use moderate firepower, but you should also choose a stove according to your living habits. Usually Chinese dining habits are suitable for using stoves with more fierce firepower, but it is important to choose a single burner design that has a heat load that exceeds too much.

  China's gas is mainly divided into three types: liquefied petroleum gas, artificial gas and natural gas. Each has its own type of cooker. If it is used confusingly, it will not only play its due role, but also may cause gas leakage or explosion. Therefore, before purchasing a portable gas stove, you should know what kind of gas is used at home. When purchasing, you should explain to the sales staff to select a portable gas stove that matches the gas type.