Portable gas stove can not catch fire

- Sep 27, 2018-

  Portable gas stove includes upper panel, combustion head, knob, furnace foot, wind screen, chassis, partition, rear panel, front panel, gas cylinder, regulator, sensor, ignition needle, heat conducting plate and liquid bearing tray, burning head Installed on the chassis, the furnace foot and the windshield are respectively mounted on the liquid receiving tray, the liquid receiving tray is mounted on the upper plate, the gas tank is connected with the regulator, the heat dissipation hole is arranged in the middle of the upper panel, and the heat dissipation hole is arranged on the rear panel The ignition pin is disposed at the lower end of the combustion head, the sensor is mounted on the chassis, and the heat conducting plate is coupled to the combustion head. The portable gas cooker of the utility model increases the heat dissipation hole in the middle and rear panels of the upper panel, increases the heat dissipation area, and increases the outer diameter of the windshield screen, and does not transfer heat to the gas tank in a windy state, and adjusts The part of the device is lowered by 8mm, so that the position of the gas tank is also reduced. After the distance is increased, the heat is transferred to the gas tank less, and the temperature of the gas tank is low.

  1, there is no gas, when the gas stove can not catch fire, the first thing to check is whether there is gas, if not, it will be refilled. If there is no battery, if you find that there is no fire, you should check if the battery has power. If not, just replace the normal one.

  2, the circuit is in poor contact, mainly to check the battery box positive and negative with or without rust, the line has no contact failure, if there is, the rust should be removed, the line is accurately connected. Over-voltage protection, many gas stoves have over-voltage protection function, once the over-pressure is not activated, then you should try a pressure-reducing valve.

  3, the pipeline is blocked, once the pipeline is blocked, it is necessary to check the outlet valve. Generally speaking, the gas smell can be smelled and the gas stove can not be caught. It is likely that the gas is blocked. At this time, the pipeline needs to be unblocked.

  4. The micro switch is damaged. The micro switch has a small place in the gas stove, but it is difficult to repair than the normal fault. Generally speaking, it is not recommended for the owner to repair it. This is a fine, Professional work, it is good to ask a special person to solve. The ignition needle is dirty, the kitchen is very dirty, it is easy to be contaminated with oil, etc. The gas stove is placed for too long, and the ignition needle is easily stained by oil. At this time, it is necessary to clean the grease of the ignition needle and then try to ignite.

  5, the ignition needle is not in the right position, in order to point to the fire, the gas stove has a certain requirement on the distance between the ignition needle and the fire cover. Once the deviation distance is too much, the gas stove will not catch fire. Generally speaking, the ignition needle and The distance of the fire cover is 4-6mm and it is aligned with the fire hole. The gas stove has a high-voltage line and its joint. Once the high-voltage line is aging, it is easy to make the gas stove unable to catch fire. At this time, it is only necessary to add a set of high-pressure protection. This should pay more attention to observation in normal life.