Mini gas stove use and maintenance method

- Aug 08, 2018-

 The mini gas stove can be said to have a close relationship with our life. It is inseparable from the mini gas stove. Because it is a frequently used electrical product, there are often such small faults in the trial process, small problems, in daily life, we need to learn some ways to use maintenance.

  1. According to national regulations, the average household cooking appliance has a service life of 8 years. After expiration, the user should scrape it in time to avoid hidden dangers.

  2. Always check whether the interface of the gas supply pipe is leaking, whether the rubber hose is intact, whether it is aging and cracking, and if it is found, it should be replaced in time. The check steps are as follows:

(1), please configure the appropriate amount of soapy water for leak detection.

(2) Open the venting valve to make the air supply unblocked.

(3) Check if there is air leakage at the connection of the pressure reducing valve (only for liquefied gas):  a small amount of soapy water, drip at the beginning of the connection between the pressure reducing valve and the liquefied gas tank, observe whether there is air bubble, if there is bubble, then The user is required to replace the pressure reducing valve.

(4) Check whether there is air leakage at the interface of the connecting hose: Experiment with the above test method.

(5) If the above method still cannot solve the air leakage phenomenon, it needs to be repaired at home.

  3. Users who use the cooker should regularly clean the fire hole on the fire cover to prevent blockage and should always clean the dust, spider web and other debris in the burner.

  4. After the fire cover of the cooker is damaged, the original product must be purchased, and it cannot be replaced at will, so as to avoid the bad combustion condition.

  5. When the intake hose is used for a long time, it will age or be damaged, posing a safety hazard. Therefore, when the intake hose is aging, it should be replaced in time. Do not use the adhesive tape to make up and continue to use.

  6. Users who use artificial gas or other special gas sources should always clean the fire holes on the fire cover to avoid blockage.

  7, the gas source is different, the use of mini gas stoves should also be different, please pay attention when purchasing. If the gas source you have used has changed, be sure to ask the original manufacturer to modify the stove before using it.

  8. Don't stay away when using a mini gas stove. In the event of a leak or accidental cause (wind, water, etc.), the flame should be turned off immediately, the air source main switch should be turned off immediately, the doors and windows should be opened, and the air should be ventilated quickly. Remember not to ignite or switch the electric appliance to prevent the electric spark from detonating the gas.