Mini gas stove safe choice

- Aug 09, 2018-

  The mini gas stove is a special product with extremely strict safety requirements. The state has strict regulations on the production of mini gas stoves. According to the national standard of "Home Mini Gas Cooker", the embedded mini gas stove must be equipped with a flameout protection device. When the fire is extinguished by the spilled liquid or blown out by the wind, the mini gas stove must be able to automatically cut off the gas within 60 seconds. In this way, there should be two needles on the mini gas cooker, one is the ignition needle and the other is the induction needle, which acts as a flameout protection. According to unannounced visits by relevant departments, there are still many production enterprises that illegally produce gas appliances without safety protection devices.

  First of all, the embedded mini gas stove with only one ignition pin on the burner is unqualified and should not be purchased.

  Secondly, if you buy a double-needle embedded mini gas stove, you can use the water to extinguish the mini gas stove. If the mini gas stove can't automatically cut off the gas within 60 seconds, it is also unqualified.

  Experts suggest that when purchasing a mini gas stove, it must be noted that the stove has a good after-sales service, and the appearance of the cooker should be neatly packed and complete with signs; in addition, the name of the product marked on the cooker, the type of gas used, the pressure rating of the gas, and the manufacture The name of the factory and the date of production must be one less.

Choosing a safe mini gas stove is responsible for the family and is responsible for life!