How to use a butane camping stove

- Jun 21, 2019-

Camping gas stoves can be used almost anywhere you need to cook a meal and are without a kitchen. 

You may be tailgating or just in a camping area where fires are prohibited. Most camping stoves provide easy set up, and are compact and light. Knowing how to safely and effectively use these stoves will be a huge help to you when you are out in the wilderness.

how to use camping stove

Step 1:Turn the knob to the "OFF“ position,Pull up the lever, open the side cover , prepare a butane gas catrdige. 

(Attention: please use certified butane gas cartridge under related association, unpurified butane gas might damage the stove)

Step 2: Lift the valve cover, match the notch of gas cartridge to the valve. 

Sstep 3:Check gas cartridge match the line with the valve. 


Step 4: Closed the side cover 

Step 5: Pull down the lever 

Step 6: Turn the knob to the "ON" positon to ignite fire.

Finished, enjoy your time with JINYU camping stove!