High power furnace working principle

- Aug 13, 2018-

  The high-power furnace refers to the induction cooker (smoke) with power between 3KW and 35KW; it differs from the household induction cooker in the difference in power and application range. The high-power furnace should mainly be used in commercial kitchens rather than domestic kitchens, such as the catering industry. Commercial kitchens such as restaurants, restaurants, factories, institutions, institutions, military units, enterprises, trains, ships, etc. are particularly suitable for all commercial kitchens that use open flames: basements, underground shopping malls, railway vehicles, petrol stations, aviation, etc.

  Because the high-power furnace has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, safety, comfort, safety, no open flame, good health for chefs, fast cooking time and short cooking, it is also known as "the god of cooking" and "green stove".

 The Ricky Wiki Commercial High Power Furnace is a new type of furnace (cooker) for the commercial kitchenware market. It breaks the traditional open-fire cooking method, adopts the heating principle of magnetic field induced current (also known as eddy current). The heat source of the induction cooker generates high-frequency current through the components of the electronic circuit board, and the alternating current of 50 HZ / 60HZ is changed by the rectifier circuit. The DC voltage is converted into a high-frequency current with a frequency of 20-40 KHz through a control circuit, and a high-frequency alternating magnetic field is formed by a spiral magnetic induction coil. When the magnetic field lines in the magnetic field pass through the metal vessel (magnetic conduction is also called conductive Material) The alternating part of the metal body generates alternating current (ie, eddy current). The eddy current causes the iron molecules of the pot to move at high speed and irregularly. The molecules collide with each other and friction to generate heat, so that the appliance itself can heat up at a high speed, thereby converting electric energy into heat energy. To heat and cook food to achieve the purpose of cooking. Electromagnetic heating technology has a thermal efficiency of up to 98%, which is 40% higher than conventional heating wire heating. Significant energy savings and a wide range of applications.