High power furnace maintenance method

- Aug 15, 2018-

  Before using the high-power stove, carefully read the product manual to understand the function, usage, maintenance requirements and the after-sales service that the manufacturer may provide. Pay attention to the operation on the high-power induction cooker, generally in use. The following points should be noted during maintenance:

  1. High-power furnaces should avoid water vapor and moisture, and should be kept away from hot gases and steam. There is a cooling fan inside the stove, so it should be placed in the air circulation. Use the air outlet to be more than 10cm away from the wall and other items. Its use temperature is 10-40 °C.

  2. High-power furnaces cannot use foods such as glass, aluminum or copper to heat food. These non-ferromagnetic materials do not heat up.

  3. When using, do not place ferromagnetic objects such as knives, small forks, and caps on the cooktop. Do not place objects such as watches and audio tapes that are susceptible to magnetic fields on the cooktop or carry them on the body. The operation of the stove.

  4. Do not let the iron pan or other pots burn and dry, so that the electromagnetic cooker panel will be cracked due to excessive heat.

  5. In the range of 2-3m of high-power furnace, it is best not to place household appliances that are afraid of magnetism such as TV sets, video recorders, and tape recorders to avoid adverse effects.

  6. After the high-power furnace is used, the power potentiometer should be adjusted to the minimum position, then the power supply should be turned off, and then the iron pan should be removed. At this time, the heating range of the panel should not be touched directly by hand.

  7. When cleaning the high-power furnace, it should be completely cooled. A little neutral detergent can be used. Do not use strong detergent, or use a metal brush to brush the panel.