Gas stove flameout protection device

- Sep 20, 2018-

  The gas stove flameout protection device is used when the gas stove is unexpectedly turned off (such as boiling water overflows during cooking), and the gas stove automatically turns off the air source to ensure your safety. It is mainly divided into thermoelectric type and ion sensing type. Kind. Now the country has mandatory requirements for gas stoves to be extinguished, so there is no flameout protection device, you should never buy. (Of course, as long as you don't go to the small market, you can't buy it without the flameout protection.)

  Thermoelectric type: The principle that a thermocouple is used to sense the temperature and a thermoelectric potential is generated to open and close the solenoid valve. The flameout protection device is a set of thermocouples and solenoid valves that only control one air passage. The safety factor is high: if one of them is damaged, it will not affect the normal use of the other burner. It is stable and reliable, and generally does not require an external power supply. . However, it has a certain thermal inertia, so that the current output by the thermocouple cannot disappear immediately with the flame extinguishing, and the reaction to the accidental flameout is slow. Generally, it takes about 5-10s to shut off the gas valve, but this leakage will not cause Any security issues. At present, most of the brand manufacturers' stoves are selected in this way, and the flameout protection device produced by Spain 0KALI company is the most stable.

  Ion Inductive: It is mainly invented by the principle of unidirectional conductivity with electric ions in the flame (the flame is equivalent to a section of wire). The advantage of this method is that the gas is cut off quickly. However, it can only be applied to a single air passage. The air passage after the protection device can no longer be separated, otherwise it will cause malfunction due to malfunction. Therefore, if the flameout protection device is damaged, the entire stove cannot be used, and secondly, external connection is required. Power supply, power consumption is large, usually need to change the battery once every 2-3 months.