Butane portable gas stove maintenance method

- Aug 10, 2018-

  In life, gas stoves or electric stoves are generally used for cooking. I prefer gas stoves. It may be related to many years of use habits. If camping in the wild, you can choose a portable gas stove with butane, but you should pay attention to the maintenance of butane portable gas stove after use. . Because it is used less frequently, it is necessary to maintain the butane portable gas stove after use, to avoid the problem of no damage for a long time.

1. Butane portable gas stove maintenance - blockage

  (1) After the gas stove has been used for a certain period of time, the gas stove is blocked due to oil stains. Sometimes it can't catch fire. It is found that it is blocked by some inspections. Therefore, the gas stove should be cleaned regularly.

  (2) When the fire hole on the fire cover is found to be blocked, let it stop running first, first clear the blocked position, then use a semi-wet towel to clean the surrounding garbage. The ignition needle and the induction needle must not get wet, otherwise it may appear. The phenomenon of not catching fire.

2. Butane portable gas stove maintenance - stove tile

  (1) For a long time, the gas stove is cooking food. The liquid or residue of the food may be splashed due to excessive energy. If it is not cleaned in time, it may damage its surface.

  (2) Make a candle head that is not used first, and gently apply it to the seam position of each tile. It is best to treat it in one direction. After painting, apply it again and horizontally. When there are stains on it, Just wipe it with detergent and wash it with water.

3. Butane portable gas stove maintenance - gas stove fire rack

  (1) Facing the gas stove, wait for the surface temperature to drop, then put a pot of water, directly put all the fire racks on the stove to boil, after the water is hot, the sticky dirt will decompose and peel off. .

  (2) If the cleaning is not clean enough, take it out, do not burn it to your own hands, then use detergent, warm water and soft towel to clean, focus on the remaining stains, then dry with a dry towel, and finally put Dry in a well ventilated place.

4. Butane portable gas stove maintenance - vent

  (1) Everyone knows that the gas stove has an air outlet, which is cleaned on a monthly basis. First remove the stove head, then use a toothpick to clean the air hole once, grasp the strength, and do not use the brute force to randomly poke.

  (2) Carbide and coke objects will accumulate on the stove head, which can be removed with a small brush. You can also use a thin wire to pierce the fire hole and choose your own method.