Butane gas stove structure

- Sep 26, 2018-

  Butane gas stoves play an important role in the kitchen, but many people do not know how to choose a good butane gas stove. In fact, the purchase of butane gas stoves needs to be considered according to the use. Everyone knows that combustion requires oxygen, and the damper regulates the interface between air and gas. When the damper is small, the gas will be incompletely burned, the heat flow will be low, the flame will be yellow, the gas will be wasted, and the black spot will appear at the bottom of the pot; otherwise, the ignition will be difficult. The damper is generally divided into an external type and a built-in type. The external damper is at the bottom of the cooker, and has a paddle type damper and a knob type damper; the built-in damper adjustment device requires professional operation! The best condition of the damper should be to keep the flame blue, and the ignition is not difficult.

  There are usually two small needles in a butane gas stove, which are thermocouples and igniters. The igniter does not need to be explained, so what is the thermocouple? The thermocouple is part of a flameout protection device and the other part is a solenoid valve. When the butane gas stove is abnormally extinguished, the thermoelectric potential of the thermocouple disappears, and the solenoid valve on the gas pipeline automatically turns off the gas to reduce the occurrence of danger.

  These are actually common connecting devices, maybe the name is a bit tall! In daily life, the inspection and maintenance of these connecting devices must not be neglected. If loose or aging occurs, gas leakage may easily occur. When repairing the interface, you should buy a special adhesive. If you are worried, ask a professional to help!

  The fire cover is one of the core components of the butane gas stove. The fire hole design of the fire cover mainly has a circular hole shape, a trapezoidal shape, a rectangular shape, and a strip shape. The more common round-shaped fire cover is easy to block, and it is necessary to frequently use a toothpick or the like to remove impurities. Relatively speaking, the strip fire hole has higher thermal efficiency and higher power, and is more suitable for Chinese people to cook, blast, simmer and other cooking habits.

  Not all butane gas stoves have batteries. The ignition mode of butane gas stoves is mainly divided into piezoelectric ceramic ignition and electric pulse ignition. The former is used for old-fashioned butane gas stoves. Now, the better butane gas stoves do not use this ignition method. . Electric pulse ignition has a higher success rate than piezoelectric ceramic ignition because it only needs to twist a button to continuously eject the spark until it is ignited. The electric pulse-ignited butane gas stove needs to be equipped with a battery. The installation slot is located below the cooktop, and the first battery is generally used.