Butane gas stove energy-saving use method

- Sep 13, 2018-

 Butane gas stoves are special commodities with extremely strict safety requirements. The state has strict regulations on the production of butane gas stoves. According to the national standard of "Household Butane Gas Cooker", the embedded butane gas stove must be equipped with a flameout protection device. When the fire is extinguished by the spilled liquid or blown out by the wind, the butane gas stove must be able to automatically cut off the gas within 60 seconds. In this way, there should be two needles on the butane gas cooker, one is the ignition needle and the other is the induction needle, which acts as a flameout protection.

  1, the stove should be placed in the shelter, or increase the windshield to prevent the flame from the bottom of the pot.

  2, adjust the size of the air inlet, let the gas fully burn, the burning flame should be blue.

  3, fully prepare for cooking before re-ignition, to prevent "hanging fire."

  4, soup, stew, you should first use a large fire to boil, and then use a small fire as long as the pot is kept open without overflowing.

  5. Reasonable use of the shelf of the cooker should be such that the outer flame of the flame contacts the bottom of the pan to maximize combustion efficiency.

  6. Adjust the size of the fire according to the size of the bottom of the pot, so that the flame is slightly bent after contact with the pot and the bottom of the pot, and the bottom of the fire is suitable.

  7. Use a large diameter pan to save gas more than a sharp bottom pan.

  8, cooking as much as possible without steaming, steaming time is three times the time of risotto.

  9. First wipe the water stains on the surface of the pot and pot and put them on the fire, so that the heat can be transferred to the pot as soon as possible, saving gas.

 10. The boiling point is closer to the boiling point, the heat required is larger, and the gas consumption is more. Therefore, when boiling hot water, do not boil the water and then water the water. You can directly burn the cold water to the required temperature. Can save gas.