Butane gas stove adjustment damper adjustment technique

- Sep 24, 2018-

  When using a butane gas stove, we may find that it is not suitable for maintenance, or the installation method is not appropriate, there are some troublesome problems, including the outer ring without fire, yellow fire, etc. When the problem is required, the adjustment of the damper is required, but according to the structure design of the butane gas stove itself, including the knob type butane gas stove and the external butane gas stove, the operation required when adjusting the damper is also Totally different.

First, how to adjust the butane gas stove to adjust the damper

  1, the room light should not be too strong, can be properly blocked, mainly to clearly observe the flame shape color of butane gas stove.

  2, butane gas stove should not be air-conditioned adjustment, it is best to put on the pot to add something, the pot is in working condition.

  3. Check if the valve and the ejector of the butane gas stove are tightly attached, and whether the spring force is normal enough to withstand the flap.

  4, the butane gas stove damper is closed to the minimum, observe the flame color and firepower, and then adjust to the maximum to observe.

  5. After remembering the first two states, adjust the damper from large to small, with the strongest firepower and the bluest flame.

  6. If the throttle adjustment of the butane gas stove has no effect on the flame, either your stove has poor quality or there is a problem, you have to ask the professional to deal with it.

Second, the damper position of the butane gas stove?

  The butane gas stove damper has an external type and a built-in type. Built-in requires professional operation.

  The external type is generally at the bottom of the stove. The butane gas stove needs to be lifted by hand. There are two iron pieces (or knobs) with handles at the burner and nozzle connection. One of them adjusts the small fire and the other adjusts the fire; they are all pressed by the spring. On the device, gently adjust the size of the air inlet by gently turning the handle or knob to change the state of the flame.

3. Under what circumstances do you need to adjust the damper?

  1. When the butane gas stove has yellow fire, red fire and black smoke;

  2. When there is burning noise or tempering in the butane gas stove;

  3, due to excessive damper, the butane gas stove can not catch fire;