LPG & Butane Double Use Gas Stove

Advantages: 1. safety governor system 2. gas leak prevention system 3. safety cartridge setting device 4. overpressure protection 5. with auto ignition system 6. convenient for out door use 7. cold steel body with paint on surface 8. enamel pot holder 9. with a special vavle that can use home...
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1.     safety governor system

2.      gas leak prevention system


3.      safety cartridge setting device


4.       overpressure protection


5.     with auto ignition system


6.       convenient for out door use


7.       cold steel body with paint on surface


8.        enamel pot holder


9.       with a special vavle that can use home gas cartridge.


Position the spill tray and the Ignition lever correctly

The spill tray/Pot sand has to face up and the igni-tion lever has to be in its “OFF” position before the gas can may be locked into the working position. If any of these two conditions are not met, the gas can holder lever will not move down.

Do not cause over heating

A large pot placed over a range of sloves may cause over heating

Inspect the stove for gas leaks.

Ensure that the gas can valve is seated correctly and the spring loaded locating clip Fits firmly in the ring-positioning slot of the can.

Use only in a well ventilated area

Do not leave unattended

without proper ventilation or maintenance gas appliances can produce dangerous levels of carbon monoxide

Know the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning:headache,dizziness,weakness, nausea,vomiting,sleepiness and confusion, Carbon monoxide reduces the blood’s ability to carry oxygen.

Low blood oxygen levels can result in loss of consciousness and possible death.

Product description:

Model No.: BDZ-155-B (ZA-3)

Norminal heat input: 2.2 kw

Packing: 1 pc/plastic case

QTY: 6 pcs/ctn


Contact info:

Name: Elodie Cheng

Mob (WhatsApp & WeChat) : +86 13665866129

QQ: 3002914494

E-mail: info5@jinyuranju.com

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