Infrared Portable Gas Stove Without Fire

Safety devices of road trip windproof Infrared Portable Gas Stove
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High Security: Because he is an infrared oven, without fire, it will not cause unnecessary damage to children's furniture and other surrounding environment.
No fire does little harm to the bottom of the pot and improves the service life of the cooker.
The combustion of butane is more fully, environmentally friendly and gas-saving.
It can be used to cook in the kitchen at home. Cook porridge, stir-fried vegetables, steamed rice. It can also be used outdoors. 


For your safety, Although it is with liquefied petroleum butane gas, but it is Safety 100%.

Ignition device is 100% safe for you because of the Overvoltage protection device.
It will be Automatically cut the Camping gas cooker stove off from the fire source when the pressure is too high.
Beside, Lighter ignition is forbidden.

Product description:

Model No.: BDZ-155-B (ZR-1)

Norminal heat input: 1.8 kw

Packing: 1 pc/plastic case

QTY: 6 pcs/ctn

Contact info:

Name: Elodie Cheng

Mob (WhatsApp & WeChat) : +86 13665866129

QQ: 3002914494


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