CSA Super Power Portable Gas Stove

This model is super power stove, it is 4.1 kw (14,000 BTU), and it has re-fire system! You don't need to worry the wind will blow it out!
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Product Details

Advantages of this model:

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4.1 kw (14,000 BTU) super power, boil 1 L water only in 4 minutes!

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It is impulse ignition, so it has the biggest benefit: this stove can re-fire automatically when it is extinguished by strong wind. So this model is especially suitable for windy areas and windy days!

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Aluminium stove body: 

1.    The look is beautiful and fashion. 

2.    Steady and hard.

3.    Corrosion resistance.

4.    Easy to clean.

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Brass burner: the melting point of brass is higher than aluminium, so brass burner has higher temperature resistance than aluminium burner, its flame is more powerful and beautiful.


Double windproof.


Heat conducting plate: this aluminium plate can spread several heat from burner to the cylinder, so the gas in the cylinder can keep its state to increase its service time. So this model is very suitable for cold areas and weather.


One piece of stove is packed with a plastic carry case, which is made of 100% new ABS plastic, it is very thick and hard.


* Please keep hands away from the sensing pin.

* Please use one AA battery. Please keep battery in dry place and take out the battery if the stove is not in use for long time.

Technical data (at 20±5):

Norminal heat input: 4.1 kw (41,000 BTU)

Gas consumption: 298g/h

Fuel: butane gas

Ignition type: piezo-electric

Valve: magnetic valve


General specifications:

Model No.: JY-600S

Dimension: 340x266x82 mm

Weght: 2.1 kg (only stove)


Package details:

QTY: 5 pcs/ctn (carry case)

Carton size: 520x390x360 mm

N.W./G.W.: 14 kg/ 15 kg

Loading qty:

20'GP: 2055 pcs

40'GP: 4010 pcs

40'HQ: 4790 pcs


Contact info:

Name: Elodie Cheng

Mob (WhatsApp & WeChat) : +86 13665866129

QQ: 3002914494

E-mail: info5@jinyuranju.com

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