Windproof Classic Outdoor Cassette Furnance

classic single burner cassette furnace for all regions with certifications.
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Product Details

Product specifications:

Dimensions: 340*280*115mm

Body weight: about 1.4kg (excluding gas tank)

Heating power: 2.2-2.5kw

Shell material: Iron sheet

Suitable for gas source:  Butane

gas consumption 225 g / hour

Ignition method: Electronic Ignition

Applicable areas Outdoor, camping, family gatherings, outdoor activities, mountain climbing, indoor gatherings


Product use steps:
1. Place the gas tank in the gas tank in the furnace.
2. Press the gas cylinder retainer button to lock the gas cylinder
3. Turn the valve to the left to hear the sound.


1. Self-contained windshield
Strengthen outdoor wind protection and optimize for outdoor users.
2. Safety explosion-proof
With over-voltage protection, open fire to check for air leaks to prevent explosion accidents.
3. Have safety certification
European CE, CGAC, TÜV Rheinland and other safety certifications.
4. Upgrade 2900W firepower
2900W firepower, cooking is more powerful.
5. Compact size and easy to carry with a black plastic case.


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